Caroline Shuart: Following her Dreams

Samantha Contrini, Staff Writer/Web Publisher

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Sweating from the heat of the lights, and itching from the tulle of the tutu are just some of the discomforts that dancers like Caroline Shuart go through on a daily basis.

HHS sophomore Caroline Shuart has been a dancer for 14 years. As a dancer for the Hawthorne School of Dance Explosion Dancers Team, she specializes in dances such as Irish, lyrical, tap, ballet, hip-hop, and jazz.

“I love dance because it’s the one place where I feel that I can be my true self,” says Shuart. “Dance has introduced me to all of my best friends and made me who I am today.”

Shuart has been in two dance performances with the Hawthorne School of Dance Explosion Dancers, which were held in Disney World. One was held in Magic Kingdom and the other in Downtown Disney. “The experience was like no other,” Shuart said. “It was amazing to see all of the other dancers.”

In November 2011, Shuart was hit by a car and unable to participate in dance. “Four months without dance was very upsetting because all I could do was watch when all I wanted to do was participate.” Going back to dance was an amazing experience for Shuart. It made her realize how much she loved it and how important it was in her life.

For the past five years, aside from being a dancer and practicing five times a week, Shuart has also helped teach children, ages three to seven, the art of dance. On June 29 Shuart will dance in her 14th recital with the Hawthorne School of Dance.

Besides dance, Shuart was a cheerleader for the Hawthorne Cubs for seven years and a HHS Bears Cheerleader for the first time this year.

“I know it’s a lot of responsibility for a 16-year-old, but because I love being a dancer so much, and I’ve been doing it for such a long time, I’ve learned how to keep my priorities in line.”

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