Melissa Miller: English Extraordinare

Pat Furrey

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Melissa Miller is a senior at Hawthorne High School. She first moved to Hawthorne starting her freshman year and has stayed ever since. “I moved around a lot as a kid, but it was nice to settle down here,” says Miller.

Miller is somewhat of a local fast food celebrity, as she works drive-through at the Wendy’s in Midland Park. She works long arduous hours with her weekly total, at the time of this publishing, being 30. “The long hours are tiring but the money is important to help pay for college,” says Miller.  She is planning to major in English literature and minor in psychology at University of Charleston in West Virginia.

Miller says her love of books is what inspired her to go down that path, but she’s also a good listener and likes to help other people with their problems. She predicts choosing between the two majors will be a tough call, since she considers herself not a strong decision maker.

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