Timothy Gilmore: Musical Prodigy

Michelle Pasquale, Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School senior Timothy Gilmore is a musical prodigy. Not only did this talented student take music lessons, he also challenged and taught himself to play a plethora of instruments.

Since freshmen year, Gilmore has been heavily active in the Marching Band. In middle school, he played the alto saxophone but once he hit high school, he learned and excelled at a whole new instrument- the trumpet.

These are not the only instruments Gilmore can play. As if two instruments were not enough, he also self-taught himself to play guitar, piano, and the drums as well.

On top of being a musical genius, Gilmore is one of those students that appear to be naturally good at everything. However, his talent is the result of being a really hard worker. He challenges himself every day with a tough schedule. Since freshmen year, he has been taking all honors classes, and by junior year he was taking all the possible AP classes. Senior year, Gilmore filled his schedule with AP Biology, Honors Physics, AP Calculus, and AP English.

On top of his very active participation in Marching Band and rigorous academic schedule, Gilmore was also an important part of HHS’ play productions. Gilmore has not just been a member of the crew, but also brought in his musical talents through a singing role in this year’s production of Singin in the Rain. Gilmore has also used his musical talents as a pianist for many of the school productions.

In the future, Gilmore will be majoring in computer sciences at Rutgers. “I basically want to be like the people who start social networks. My goal is to eventually have my own Facebook or Twitter.”

Over the last four years, Gilmore has been an influencial student at HHS through his musical talent, academic drive, and overall dedication to the school. Gilmore is one of many students whose presence will be missed after he graduates this year.