Barbara Colizza: Future Athletic Trainer

Hannah Frascella, Staff Writer

In the past four years senior Barbara Colizza has made a name for herself. She was the captain of the Hawthorne High School girls’ volleyball team and participates in an outside club team, and she is part of numerous clubs such as the National Honor Society and the Italian Honor Society. Soon, she will be able to add athletic trainer to her long list of accomplishments and activities.

Colizza took an interest in athletic training shortly after entering high school, and had waited until her senior year to take Sports Medicine knowing it would come in handy when she attends college next year. In her junior year, she took Anatomy and Physiology, another class that would help her immensly in college.

As far as college goes, Colizza has a lot of options laid out in front of her, “I have applied and been accepted to my top schools, but I haven’t made a final decision. I have ideas, but nothing is set in stone. All of the colleges I have applied to have amazing athletic training programs…that lifts a huge weight off of my shoulders.”

As far as her inspiration goes, Hawthorne’s own athletic trainer, Mr. Christopher Warner, has had an impact on Colizza, “I came to high school not sure of what I wanted to do. But I spent a lot of time with Mr. Warner during volleyball seasons,” Colizza laughed, “It eventually sparked an interest in me, and I started to pay attention to what he was doing. From there on, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I really do have him to thank for introducing it to me.”

All of Colizza’s friends can see her capability in the field she has chosen. One of her closest friends, Kaitlyn Maggorie, knows Colizza will excel. “Barbara is super dedicated, smart, and caring, and I couldn’t picture her doing anthing else.”

“My experince here at Hawthorne has really helped me figure out what I love to do. Since we have classes like Anatomy and Physiology, and Sports Medicine it helped prepare me for college,” remarked Colizza