Senior Spotlight: Daniella Bonafede


Kaitlyn Maskal, Staff Writer

Finding Daniella Bonafede isn’t hard. She’s probably in Mr. Corvo’s room, playing tennis, managing the band, or taking a nap. So, who is Daniella?

Daniella is a very hardworking senior. She is involved in many high level classes, such as AP Italian, AP Literature, AP Environmental Science, and AP Calculus. On top of those AP classes, Daniella takes Advanced Media Arts Honors, Yearbook, and Intermediate Art. Daniella is also President of the Drama Club and Italian Club, Public Relations Secretary of Student Council, Vice President of National Honor Society, and an executive member for the Italian Honor Society.

Away from school work, she is also very active in tennis and band. She is a band manager and is also part of the orchestra pit. She began playing the xylophone and vibraphone last year, then expanded her musical passion to the marimba. She is also a senior captain for the tennis team. Adding onto her extracurricular activities, she is also involved in theater, chorus, and Peer Leaders.

Daniella has a lot on her plate this year as a senior, but she will continue to keep her grades up and stay active. Daniella will miss Hawthorne very much; however, she has huge plans for college. She has a love for film and television and marketing, that she plans to double major in. She also plans to minor in Italian. Daniella will soon be applying to New York University, Columbia University, Boston University, Emerson College, Montclair State University, Ithaca College, and Marist College.