Senior Spotlight: Shakira Peterson


Karen Delgado and Yamilka Martinez

In HHS there are students who tend to keep themselves. One example would be our friend, Shakira Peterson. Shakira or as her friends call her, Kira, is a not so quiet student. By that we mean, her laugh is very well known throughout the school. Although Kira might not be oh so popular, Shakira is a very friendly and goofy student. Like us, Shakira stays to her circle of friends. With that being said, let’s give Shakira a time to shine here on The Clarion!


Clarion Reporter: How would you describe your experience in HHS?

Shakira Peterson: I would say it was okay.


Clarion Reporter: Which year would you say is your favorite?

Shakira: Junior year, because I found my friends.


Clarion Reporter: If you could redo one memory, what would it be?

Shakira: The night I went to Dave and Busters with my friends. We had so much fun I will never forget that night.


Clarion Reporter: What year would you say was the most stressful?

Shakira: Junior year because it is basically the most important year.


Clarion Reporter: What’s the one thing you think you’re going to miss from your time in HHS?

Shakira: The football and basketball games.


It was a nice experience interviewing Shakira and letting you all get a little inside scoop on her time here at HHS. We wish our dear friend Shakira a great and bright future! We love you!