Senior Spotlight : Melanie Ballinas


Bryanna Barreto, Staff Writer

Many of the students in Hawthorne High School know her to be one of the kindest, and warmhearted individuals in the school. Anyone who has had gym with her knows that although she has a sweet side to her, she also brings the heat. As we wave our way to interview the graduating class of 2019 for Senior Spotlight, it looks like Melanie Ballinas will be up next!


Clarion: How was your overall experience at HHS?

Melanie: During my time in high school, I achieved many things and found out exactly what I want to do in life. It has been full of adventures and great memories. I met great people who have impacted me in many ways. Some of the teachers I had as well, took the moment to check up on me if I was doing okay. They were always encouraging and supportive.


Clarion: You played volleyball here in Hawthorne High , how did that go for you?

Melanie: I met great people and actually gained many friendships from that! I got the chance to become so close with my teammates, some who I consider my best friends. These girls helped me through a lot, and I strongly encourage those to play or join any sports, clubs, drama productions etc.


Clarion: What lessons did you learn while being a high school student?

Melanie: I learned to stay organized which is a struggle. I also learned how to take on many responsibilities. I know teachers repeat this over and over every year, but honestly it’s good advice to keep! Not doing your assessments can affect your overall grades by A LOT so don’t be that kid. OH! And don’t do things last minute. They don’t always come out that great.


Clarion: What was your favorite event in school?

Melanie: A favorite event… definitely the volleyball tournament because we make our teams and themes and play against others!


Clarion: Any last words?

Melanie: Just enjoy the time you have in high school because time flies by so fast, before you know it, it’s already graduation.