Varsity Volleyball Player Interview: Alexandria Henriquez


Melanie Bilbao, Editor

The Hawthorne High School girls volleyball team had an away game yesterday Thursday, October 17 at Mary Help. The starters for the first and second set was Alexandria Henriquez, Rana Guney, Kelsey Macfarlane, Isabella O´Neill, Karolyn Moro, and Gabriella Aliano. The girls varsity team crushed Mary Help and came through with with a win with 2 sets! They were very successful and played hard! The Clarion had the chance to interview one of the girls from the varsity team, Alexandria Henriquez after their win.


The Clarion: How´s the season going so far?

Alexandria Henriquez: This season we are doing very well! Every game we have had, we gave it our all and did our very best! Most importantly we had a lot of fun playing with each other against challenging teams.


The Clarion: Who are the captains for the varsity team?

Alexandria Henriquez: Rana, Kelsey, and I are captains for the varsity team!


The Clarion: What´s your favorite part about volleyball?

Alexandria Henriquez: My favorite part is just getting excited to play volleyball with the girls at practice! Whenever I do a great pass, set, serve, or kill in a game or practice, it makes me feel great and accomplished every time.


The Clarion: How many years did you play volleyball?

Alexandria Henriquez: I have played volleyball for 4 years.


The Clarion: Throughout your 4 years of playing volleyball, how has your overall experience been here at HHS?

Alexandria Henriquez: These past 4 years of being a part of the HHS volleyball team has been amazing! I’ve learned so much from the coaches and watching other players as well. Being around the girls makes me happy and laugh every time! I love how we always support each other and cheer each other on. To be honest it feels like we´re one big family. I´m going to miss these times when the season ends.