Interview with Ava Tower!


Liliana Reilly, Staff Writer

Get to know the face of the Hawthorne High School student body: Ava Tower.  Ava is the HHS student council president! In this interview with Ava, The Clarion got to hear about the struggles of being student council president during COVID, upcoming fundraising ideas, and some of her favorite things to do outside of school and student council.  

The first thing The Clarion wanted to know was: what is your job as STUCO president?   With this she answered, “Ms. Russo and I run ideas by each other regarding spirit weeks and fundraisers for student council.  And I help represent the school, and making decisions for the student body.”

Another obvious question was, “Why did you want to run for president?”, Tower answered with, “ Just seeing how everything worked when I was on the exec board as a junior, and I wanted to help lead.   Ms.. Russo called me the younger version of her, and our thought process connected the same way.”

Due to all of the COVID-19 restrictions, fundraising has been hard for this year, but not all unsuccessful: Tower stated, “ The school store has been very successful, joggers did really good, and tye dye has been very in.  We wish to do more.” 

Being the student council president is very hard to begin with, and when asked, “What have you found to be the most difficult thing about being student council president, due to what is going on with COVID?”, Tower stated, “Not being able to meet as we normally would makes it harder to collaborate, we can not really do any big events, missing the normalcy of being able to collaborate and I really want to fix the school spirit.” 

Despite all of these negatives, Tower has still been able to find some positives with being STUCO president during this crazy school year; She stated, “I loved doing the freshman orientation as well as running Homecoming with Ms. Russo.” 

Now, let’s get to know Ava outside of student council!  Her favorite classes are AP US History, but she is upset that she can no longer take it, and she loves taking literature with Ms. Clifford.  Ava is also a part of Peer Leaders, SHARE, Vice President of National Honors Society, and she is secretary of the Spanish Honors Society.  With that crazy schedule, you can also find Ava playing tennis!

On top of all of that, there are college applications.  The Clarion asked Ava, “Do you know where you plan on attending college/do you know what you want to major in?”  Ava said, “I would love to major in psychology, and take a pre-law track to get into law school after college.  My dream school is Villanova, and so far I have gotten into Fordham, Rutgers, and Seton Hall.  I’ve also applied to George Washington University, Bucknell, and the University of Pennsylvania!” 

Outside of school though, Tower said that her favorite things to do are, “Driving around with Quincy blasting music while we sing karaoke with our James Gordon microphone.” 

Ava Tower is clearly a dedicated student and leader, and having her as our STUCO president during this crazy year, makes the Hawthorne High School student body very lucky!