HHS Student Profile: Cristian Orozco

Rufus T. Firefly, Staff Writer

“HHS Student Profile” will be an ongoing series throughout the 2021-2022 school year, highlighting the wonderful students here at Hawthorne High School and their thoughts on many different subjects.

First up, is HHS junior Cristian Orozco. The Clarion was lucky to catch up with this very busy young man.


The Clarion: At this point in the school year, tell us, how are you doing?

Cristian: At this point of the year, I would say that I okay… You know, I’m trying to get good grades while juggling playing academy soccer and other responsibilities. But mentally I’m fine…physically, I’m tired and could probably use a good sports’ massage…but yes, overall, I am good.


The Clarion: This next question is a little out there, but perfect since Halloween was just a short time ago…Do you believe in ghosts?

Cristian: I do believe in “ghosts’ ‘ if that’s what you want to call them…I believe there are bad spirits that try to do malicious things. I’m not sure I really believe in ghosts as in like dead people coming back and just roaming around…but definitely bad entities and stuff like that…


The Clarion: On to our next question…what is your favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving?

Cristian: Turkey for sure…Turkey with mashed potatoes, and a lot of gravy…some apple cider to drink and a sweet dessert to finish it all off. 


The Clarion: To conclude, tell us something about yourself, maybe a hidden talent, that no one else knows about you?

Cristian: Something about me that no one really knows? Something that no one knows about me is that I’m secretly really good at making paper airplanes…


The Clarion would like to thank Cristian for his time!