HHS Freshman to Feature in New Hollywood Film


Jillian Wesseldyke, Staff Writer

Exciting news has broke in the HHS Community!

The HHS Class of 2026 has been graced with a movie star! HHS freshman Amadeus Flynn is credited with an extra role in the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, coming out on May 5, 2023.

Flynn was flown to Atlanta specifically for a small role in this film in November of 2021, when he was just a mere 8th grader. The Clarion was lucky enough to be able to sit down with Flynn to talk to him about his role in the big film.


The Clarion: First, how are you adjusting to HHS?

Flynn: It’s going well, I like this school. Not as entertaining as a movie set, but not everything can be that fun I guess.


The Clarion: Understandable. So, what was it like being on a movie set?

Flynn: It was very overwhelming. There was constantly something happening whether it was filming, set design, stunt practice, actors running around, hair and makeup, costume. Literally everything you can imagine was going on, all at once. And with Marvel everything is bigger and grand scale which added to the chaos.


The Clarion: Was this your first movie? How was it being around actors and actresses who have so much experience in the industry?

Flynn: It was my first movie, which for a movie of this caliber, is a big thing to be a part of. Spending a decent amount of time with all of those big celebrities was daunting, but they were all very welcoming. I actually got close to Chris Pratt throughout the whole process…you may find him around outside of school when he picks me up so feel free to go up to him at any point!


The Clarion: I will be sure to do that! Finally, what is your role in this film?

Flynn: I play an alien child who the Guardians come into contact with during the film! Make sure you all go see me in the film!


It was a pleasure to talk to Amadeus, and nice to get a little insight into his experience on the film! What a debut into the industry! Make sure you all go say hi to him in the halls, and make him feel extra welcome. I am personally very excited to go see the film, and I will watch out for him, and you all should too!