Dear Freshmen Year


Veronica Ishmuratov, Staff Writer

Freshman year was a year that I enjoyed and felt really involved in.

Hawthorne High School has so many events and clubs that are available for all. Since moving here I’ve seen a wide variety of clubs and sports that are very interesting and welcoming.  One club that I really enjoyed was the Art Club.

We had been given time to relax after school and create beautiful artworks to keep or leave here in the school. Mrs. Russo made the club really fun with music and snacks for us and always making us feel comfortable.

Creative Writing was a great club as well, with all of the activities that we were involved in. In Creative Writing we could write any type of story or poem with friends, and create artwork for our writings. During this year we had poetry day outside in the courtyard during classes. We wrote with chalk and I spoke to all of the classes about my station: it was really exciting and fun.

Throughout the year, teachers were nice and fun to talk to. The courtyard was a very important place as well, where you could be with friends and eat your lunch outside together. Freshmen year was a journey that was very important to me especially while moving schools.

Hawthorne made moving easier and finding friends exciting. Hawthorne’s courses for high school students are very interesting and have helped me narrow down what I would like to do once I get older and go to college.