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Interview of Senior Student Athletes

The Balance: Student/Athlete

One of the best high school experiences is joining a sport. You get to make friends from all grade levels, while enjoying something you love. A very undiscussed topic is how to maintain the student in student-athlete.  

The Clarion was very excited to speak to fellow HHS seniors Ava Tantillo, Lindsay Scott, and Kaitlyn Costello on the Varsity Volleyball team to talk about how they maintain great academics and great athletics.


The Clarion: How have you been able to get all your schoolwork done while being committed to a sport and school activities?

Ava T: I use time management to make sure that my grades are where they need to be and my performance in my sport is up to par.


The Clarion: Was there an initial struggle when you first started your sport?

Lindsay S: There was an initial struggle because I had a lot less time to get my homework and chores done, while preferring to hang out with friends…but I realized school work comes first. 


The Clarion:  Did you ever think about quitting your sport?

 Kaitlyn C: No, because I always fought through the hardest points and my own mental health. I also get my work done during school when I can and if I don’t finish it during school, I will do it when I get home after practice (or a game) which really helped. 


The Clarion:  What advice would you give to a struggling student athlete?

Ava T: I would say make sure you put your grades first, but also keep your priorities straight so that you can enjoy your life and have fun playing your sport…while also having the grades you need


By hearing advice and encouragement from HHS 4 year athletes, I’m sure the weight can be lifted off your shoulders!


About the Contributor
Kaitlyn Neeb, Staff Writer
Hi, my name is Kaitlyn Neeb, and I am currently a freshman at Hawthorne High School. I am very excited for the years ahead of me here at HHS. This is my first year of writing for the Clarion as well as in high school overall. I love to play volleyball and I am currently on the Hawthorne Bears Volleyball team. My interests include things like reading, writing, volleyball and downtime with my friends and family.