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Student Profile: Nicolette Sasso


“HHS Student Profile” will be an ongoing series throughout the 2023-2024 school year, highlighting the wonderful students here at Hawthorne High School and their thoughts on many different subjects.

First up, is HHS senior Nicolette Sasso. The Clarion was lucky to catch up with this very busy young woman.


HHS Clarion: How did you feel when you were nominated for NHS during your junior year?

Nicolette: I was very proud…I was able to keep my grades up to the standards of the National Honor Society during Covid.


HHS Clarion: What are some of the biggest differences from first starting high school as a freshman to now being a senior?

Nicolette: As seniors, we are all willing to get more involved and get the underclassman more involved, in sports and other activities…when we were freshmen we did not have as much motivation to get involved.


HHS Clarion: What is the one thing you are going to miss about Hawthorne High School when you graduate?

Nicolette: Having a steady community and being able to see all of my friends everyday.


HHS Clarion: How do you balance school work and being involved in the school community?

Nicolette: I try and get all my school work done in class, especially if I have extra time or down time.


HHS Clarion: What are a few major accomplishments that you are proud of during your high school career?

Nicolette: I am proud of becoming the cheer and softball captain during my senior year.


HHS Clarion: How does being a two sport athlete impact your high school career?

Nicolette: It can be positive because it creates good team bonding and teaches you to work with others but also negative, because my schedule is always busy.

About the Contributor
Karlie Stier, Staff Writer
Hi my name is Karlie Stier. I am a junior here at Hawthorne High School. This is my first year writing for The Clarion which I am very excited for. I am also the varsity pitcher for the Hawthorne girls softball team.