Boys’ Soccer on the Rise

Patrick Furrey, Staff Writer

The Hawthorne High boys soccer team is off to a good season under the leadership of varsity coach Justin DeFeo and junior varsity coach Jim Clementi. The teams have a record of 6-5-2 and 3-4-2 respectively.

“When we’ve played to how we’re capable of playing, we’ve looked good,” said Coach DeFeo regarding varsity’s overall performance. “[We’re] just searching for some consistency.”

DeFeo’s opinion is optimistic, but he wants similar performance in each game. While more experienced players have similar thoughts, they are a little harder on fellow teammates.

Three-year veteran and junior year captain William Miller says the team is “doing okay, but we can do a lot better,” expressing common opinion over the squad’s potential.

The same can be said about JV. Coach Clementi sees room for improvement, but knows they are still a powerful team.

Clementi explains that the record doesn’t tell the whole story. “Three out of four losses have been decided by one goal, so we’ve been close in almost every game.” Even when the team comes up short, they still manage to compete well in 75 percent of the games.

Tyler Conlon, a JV captain, speaks well of his team, but recognizes that “JV is a learning experience” and comments should be made with that in mind. Conlon explains that the team is full of hard workers who aspire to perform on a varsity level.

Leaders of the JV team admit that although their team has talent, they’ve got a lot to work on.