Tommy Walls

William Brown, Staff Writer/Editor-in-Chief

Tommy Walls, running-back and back-up quarterback for the Hawthorne Bear’s football team, has been a Varsity football player for two years of his football career and plans to be back next year for another good season.

“It feels great being a great team with great athletes,” Walls explains, “Our hard work pays off each year.” Walls, being on a playoff team for two consecutive years, is a junior at Hawthorne High School as well as captain of the football team. His dedication and pride is an inspiration to many players on the team including varsity center Christopher Rea. “Tom’s a hard hitter and a great football player,” Rea began, “he’s an inspiration to me and many others on the team.” Countless hours of studying plays, working out, and gaining ability continues to bring Walls up to another level of skill.

“I try to be in on every play. Even if I don’t get the initial tackle, I try to assist my teammates and do everything I can do to help my team,” Walls said. Walls’s dedication is what got him to this level of ability. “I try to push myself to go 100% on every play without taking plays off,” Walls further explained.

Walls was born and raised a football player by family and friends. Without the Cubs athletic program, Walls claims he would not be where he is right now. Along with other football players such as Christopher Rea, Christopher Forsythe and Ricky Grofsick, Walls went through three levels of the Cubs. He claims that every game was a step above the previous one. The increase got his skill to slowly rise into a successful football player. Even in the Cubs, Walls played running back (his current position) and was always moved up to the higher squads due to his over abundance of education of the sport.

Walls plans to appear next year as the varsity running back and defensive linebacker. He also plans to play at an undecided college. Walls is not only and athlete but a good student at Hawthorne High School which shows that even hard work in a sport cannot interfere with hard work at school.