Girls Varsity Soccer: More Like a Family Than a Team

Leah Matari , Contributor

The HHS girls soccer team (9-9) grew not only as a sports team but also as a family during the 2012 season. Whether a player was a senior or a freshman, everyone felt welcomed and part of the team.

Senior player Kim Mulvey said, “This season went really well, we worked hard to improve from previous years, and we accomplished the goals we set for ourselves. Playing with Hawthorne was such a great experience; we became a family on and off the field and helped each other to reach our full potential.” The players brought all the laughs, smiles, and memories they enjoyed off the field with them onto the field, where they connected as a team and communicated at a high level.

Most people think the building of a fall sports team starts at the beginning of September. Right? Wrong! As a team, captain’s practices that include “kicking around” and tournaments, start in the beginning of July. All summer long members of the girls soccer team practiced getting ready for the start of the season in September.

The team did not win its first game against Eastern Christian, but that game was a starting point to a successful season. Like all sports, practice was held every day after school, and each day was different than the next. Coach Schell, Coach Dexter, and Coach Turco were always there encouraging the team and teaching the players how to do certain drills and skills. Each and every game was an important game because in Coach Schell’s words: “It is the next game….the game we are playing today.”

Senior Brooke Morton said, “As a team, we were able to create a sturdy foundation to build great soccer off of. We worked hard every day and met our goals. I couldn’t be more proud of what everyone has been able to accomplish this season.” The girls varsity team ended with a 9-9 record. Senior Michelle Pasquale said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better season. We always put in our best effort and it paid off. I’m sad that my experience playing soccer for Hawthorne is over, but the memories will last a life time.”

Every team has its bad games, and every team has those energy-jolting wins. The girls soccer wins, were good wins, which were very exciting. But other games that were played with high effort, exceptional skill, and strong communication unfortunately sometimes turned out as losses. Even with those losses behind the team, they still came out to the next game with confidence and high hopes for the outcome.

Senior Megan Matthews said, “This year the name of girls soccer was brought back to HHS laying the foundation for good years to come. I am glad I was a part of it, knowing that I was on the team that made the first step towards greatness, and I look forward to seeing all the great accomplishments down the road for them. I have made lasting bonds with all the girls, and I will truly miss not playing, but I know a piece of me will always be a part of the HHS soccer program.”