Winter Cheer Preview: Striving to be the Best


Rikki Mc Clinton, Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School cheerleaders consider themselves a family that has an outgoing spirit and dedication and that works hard to be the best. It is because of this that HHS cheerleaders have high hopes for their upcoming winter season.

Coach Liz Farkas and Assistant Coach Raquel Piscreta are expecting this season to be one of the best they’ve ever had. Both coaches say this is because HHS cheerleaders have high expectations for themselves and are willing to try new things. “We as a team don’t want to show success in just one area, but all areas and aspects of this sport,” Coach Farkas explained. Whether it is cheering, dancing, or stunts, the HHS cheerleading coaches are proud of the constant precision their squad shows in all areas of the sport.

Both coaches attribute the team’s success and future success to the captains Emily Rivera, Rebecca Alonzo, and Nicole DeSpirito.  Farkas commented on her captains saying, “They do an amazing job working together and guiding the rest of the team.”

HHS cheerleaders can be seen at both basketball games and competition. Basketball spectators should expect to see great showcases from HHS cheerleaders this season. Both coaches commented on how the many talents of the team will “wow” the crowd at boys and girls games due to their new routines, many stunts, and new uniforms.

The cheerleaders will also participate in two competitions at Fairleigh Dickenson University. The first and smaller competition took place on December 1. The second, full team competition will take place on February 23. The cheerleaders will participate in a variety of events including team cheer, dance, and pom; longest held extension and Liberty stunt; highest toss; and singles, doubles, and triples cheer, dance, and pom.

Overall, Coach Farkas is very proud of her team and is looking forward to an excellent upcoming season. “I’ve been coaching for 14 years, and the advancements that this particular group has made in just one season have impressed me. Individual strengths, combined with positive spirit and attitudes can only lead to another successful season.”

Come out and support HHS cheerleaders this winter season and find out true dedication looks like!