Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush in Pursuit of Miami Marlins


Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush

Sierra Van Houten, Staff Writer

We all know Derek Jeter as one of the most famous Yankee players of all time. We also know Jeb Bush as the former governor of Florida and because his father (and brother) are ex-presidents of the United States. What if I told you they are working together on something huge.

The two men are working towards purchasing the Major League Baseball franchise the Miami Marlins. Jeter has currently placed a bid on the franchise. As for the duo of Jeb and Derek they only had joined forces earlier this very week. This duo are not the only ones who had placed a bid on the franchise. There have been a couple of other bidders on the franchise; but the owner Jeffery Loria has not made any final decisions.

In fact the current owner only just began looking at other offers. These are not cheap bids either. The bids are ranging from $1.2 billion to $1.3 billion. Some people even think that the owner of the professional football team the Miami Dolphins would be interested in purchasing the team if the owner would drop the price.

Derek Jeter has some ties to Florida because he owns a mansion there. Loria has put a ton of money into the stadium, not to mention funding all of the players. According to personal sources if the duo did end up purchasing the franchise they would keep a low profile, but have very deep pockets for the team.

Loria bought the team in 2002 for $158 million, but Forbes magazine values the team at $1 billion. Loria is not the first owner of the Marlins. The franchise has switched hands three times. Although nothing is set in stone we do know that the Marlins are getting a new owner. We do not know who it will be; we do do know that whoever it is they have deep pockets and are not afraid to spend a pretty penny.