NFL Today


Moe Jawish and Rubin Kupi

As the NFL regular season comes to an end, and the postseason soon emerges, it’s time to take a look at the top 5 teams in the NFL.

The Chargers, Saints, Chiefs, Rams, and Bears are all top contenders to win it all this year.  Two of the teams in that category are both teams from Los Angeles, which are the Chargers and Rams.

Although the Patriots have been silent this season.  Sitting at a unusual record of 9-5, the patriots are also favorites to go to the Super Bowl because of their QB named Tom Brady. Other teams such as the Cowboys, Titans, and Texans are also playoff teams.  But they are not really in that “contender” category.

There were teams that were supposed to be better than they are this year, including the defending super bowl champs, the Eagles. They are not completely eliminated from playoff contention, but are bailey still alive in the playoff hunt.  Which is unusual for a defending super bowl team.