HHS Fall Cheerleading 2019: A Different Squad Than Ever Before


Vinny Morano, Editor

This football season, Hawthorne High School’s amazing football team isn’t the only team getting attention.

People are starting to take considerable notice of the 2019 HHS Fall cheer-leading squad, as they bring many new things to the table that haven’t been seen in years.

With the help of this year’s captains, Nikki Spirito and Sydney Bavaro, Coach Kacie Schrettner has managed to create a half-time routine full of explosive music, sharp motions, sky-high stunts, endurance-testing dance sections, and never ending tumbling passes.

In fact, the dismount the squad does at the end of their first stunt, titled, “the change up,” is an elite level skill. In other words, this dismount is something some college teams may have trouble doing! Along with the squads halftime routine, their cheers, band dances and chants have been practiced an innumerable amount of times, in an attempt to make sure everything is perfected to a T.

If you have not seen the 2019 HHS Fall cheer-leading squad in action yet, it is highly suggested you find a way to do so. After seeing them, it is possible that it will change the way you view not only the HHS cheer-leading squad, but cheer-leading as a whole.