Big Changes Made to the HHS Varsity Cheerleading Halftime Routine


Jacqueline Caraballo

HHS Cheerleaders

Vinny Morano, Editor

If you attended the 2019 Hawthorne High School Homecoming Football Game and watched the HHS Varsity Cheerleaders’ halftime routine, you may have noticed a pretty significant change to a part of their routine.

The team’s pyramid section, a series of stunts where the cheerleaders connect with each other and assist each other in a series of acrobatic and balancing skills, has been upgraded with way more difficulty and “whoa worthy” moments.

The pyramid starts with the stunt groups separated from each other, where they showcase an array of different basket tosses. The groups then link together and begin to showcase a variety of assisted elite stunts, including tucked front flips caught from extension and switch ups to an extension lib position. The groups then separate again and deliver extension heel stretches for a whole eight count! The section ends with the groups all simultaneously dismounting with a full twisting cradle.

The squad’s pyramid section, let alone their whole routine, is the hardest and most elite that it has been in a while. With each and every practice and game, the squad is improving with leaps and bounds. Because of this, there is no promise that the cheerleaders’ routine will not be upgraded with even more difficulty by the time the season is over.