Alabama Loses Tua Tagovailoa


Connor Loll, Staff Writer

Tua Tagovailoa was first put in the spotlight when he came into the championship game against Georgia and won the game for Alabama.

At this time Tua was the second string quarterback behind Jalen Hurts who is now in the NFL. Alabama was looking like a pretty good team (like every other season) but now they lost their starting quarterback. Tua was a big part of Alabama’s offensive success the past couple of years and now with him out, the second string quarterback needs to step up.

Tua is out with a season ending injury this year so don’t expect him to come back anytime soon. He dislocated his hip in a game against Mississippi State. In many instances, teams  shouldn’t have their starters playing the whole game if your winning. Once they get a comfortable lead the second stringers should go in and play. This lowers the risk of injuries for your starters which all of the coaches want and it also helps to see if any of the second string players play well.

The only good you can get out of this situation is that Tua is only a junior this year. That means he has a good chance of coming back healthy next year. Tua now has a tough decision to make: however, he could stay another year at Alabama and risk getting injured again in college or he could go into next years NFL draft.

Tua will most likely be a lottery pick even after this bad of an injury. You can’t get payed to play college football so if you can make it to the league you might as well take the money. That’s would be in Tua’s best interest and I believe everyone else would understand the choice he makes.