2020 MLB Stat Predictions


Thomas Finch, Staff Writer

With the 2020 season right around the corner, it’s time to take a look at key players 2019 stats and my personal prediction and reasoning behind their 2020 stats.


  1. Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 

2019 stats- .291 Average, 45 home runs, 104 RBIs, .438 OBP, and an 8.3 WAR

2020 predictions- .297 Average, 49 home runs, 113 RBIs, .441 OBP, and an 8.7 WAR

Mike Trout had a career year in 2019 even though he missed about 20-25 games due to a late season injury. He was the AL MVP in 2019 and if healthy, I see his stats increasing for an even better 2020 season. His 49 runs and `113 RBIs would be a career high although his On Base Percentage would not be a career high (.460 in 2018). My 8.7 WAR (Wins Above Replacement) prediction would be tied with his second lowest season WAR in his career although an 8.7 season WAR is a MVP type WAR. 


  1. Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

2019 stats- .272 Average, 27 home runs, 55 RBIs, .381 OBP, and a 5.4 WAR

2020 predictions- .289, 46 home runs, 107 RBI, .403 OBP, and a 6.3 WAR

Aaron Judge is only two seasons off his should-have-been MVP season which was stolen by the cheater known as Jose Altuve in 2017. Aaron Judge is a phenomenal athlete with insane power. His only problem over the last two seasons has been his health. In 2018 he was hit by a pitch and his wrist was fractured causing him to miss almost 2.5 months of the season and in 2019 an oblique injury sidelined him from mid April to mid June. If healthy, Judge will put up huge numbers and be an MVP candidate for sure. He still had a solid season last year in only 102 games. His power numbers are still up especially since he clubbed 16 home runs in his last 38 games played during the 2019 season. If healthy for a full season, Judges numbers will increase and I wouldn’t be surprised if he surpasses the numbers I have predicted.


  1. Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers 

2019 stats- .329 Average, 44 home runs, 97 RBIs, .429 OBP, and a 7.1 WAR, 30 Stolen Bases

2020 predictions- .317 average, 47 home runs, 106 RBIs, .432 OBP, 7.4 WAR, 24 Stolen Bases

Christian Yelich had yet another great year at the plate. He was the front runner for MVP in the National League until he fractured his kneecap after he fouled a ball off of it in mid-September. He set a career high in batting average (.326 in 2018), OBP (.402 in 2018), home runs (36 in 2018) and stolen bases (22 in 2018). His career has taken off ever since he was acquired from the Brewers during the 2017/2018 off season. In the middle of his prime at age 28, he still has the ability to put up big numbers for the next few seasons at least. Although I predict a drop in batting average, I believe his power numbers will increase if he is healthy through the whole season. His stolen bases will drop as I think his late season knee injury will keep him from being super aggressive on the base paths. All together Christian Yelich is in for another MVP race in 2020.


  1. Giancarlo Stanton, New York Yankees

2019 stats- 18 Games played, .288 average, 3 home runs, 13 RBIs,  .403 OBP, and a 0.4 WAR

2020 predictions- .293 average, 49 home runs, 116 RBIs,  .412 OBP, 7.2 WAR

Giancarlo Stanton had a miserable 2019 season health wise while only playing in 18 games. When he was healthy, he was very effective at the plate and had a good eye with pitches off the plate. If Stanton can stay healthy all year, he will be one of the most feared hitters in the American League. He’s in an already stacked Yankees line-up consisting of DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Gleyber Torres, and possibly Nolan Arenado since the Yankees as of right now have the best odds of acquiring him via trade with the Colorado Rockies. With a full season under his belt, and by playing half of his games in Yankee Stadium, Stanton is bound to put up insane power numbers while also working the walks. His 49 home runs prediction would make that his second highest home run total in his career (59 in 2017).  His 116 RBIs would rank the second most in his career (132 in 2017). His .412 On Base Percentage would be his highest in his career and that will mostly come from the amount of walks he will receive in 2020. If healthy all season, Stanton will find himself in the mix for MVP and will be a big part of the 2020 Yankees as they look to secure the AL Pennant for the first time since 2009. 


  1. Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers

2019 stats- .305 average, 47 home runs, 115 RBIs, .406 OBP, and a 9.0 WAR

2020 predictions- .308 average, 46 home runs, 112 RBIs, .401 OBP, and an 8.7 WAR

Cody Bellinger had the best season of his young career in 2019. He was named the 2019 NL MVP after a close race with Yelich and Rendon. Bellinger has only played for 3 full seasons and has already raked 111 home runs going into his age 24 season. I believe Bellinger will have a pretty similar season compared to last year although I do believe Los Angeles will not be the threat they used to be. Bellinger, however, will continue to be a threat at the plate for the next 5-10 years.