Senior Athletes Saying Goodbye

Jacqueline Caraballo, Staff Writer

As another season of sports is ending, another group of senior athletes are having to say goodbye to the sports they’ve grown up playing. After years of playing, seniors have to suit up for their final competition in front of an audience.

Having to say goodbye is probably one of the hardest things athletes can do. As another round of senior nights will  occur, let’s here from a few senior athletes on what its like to suit up for the last time.

Clarion: “What sport do you play and for how long?”

Tommy Finch: “I play baseball and have played since I was 5.”

Anthony Bertollo: “I play soccer, indoor track and outdoor track. I played soccer for 1 year, indoor track for 3 years and outdoor track since 7th grade.”

Clarion: “How was your senior night, if you had one yet, and how hard was it for you to be finishing your season?”

Tommy Finch: “I haven’t had my senior night yet but I imagine it will be tough to walk away after playing the game for my whole life.”

Anthony Bertollo: “For soccer, our senior night was fun, but it stinks that we ended up losing. We don’t have senior night for indoor or outdoor track.”

Clarion: “Do you plan to play in college?”

Tommy Finch: “I don’t plan on playing in college. But if I do, I’ll try to walk on to Bergen Community College baseball.”

Anthony Bertollo: “I don’t plan on playing soccer in college, but I will be pursuing track in college.”

Clarion: “What is your favorite moment in your athletic career and favorite thing about the sport/sports you play?”

Tommy Finch: “My favorite memory would have to be touring the east coast over the summer and playing with a great team with awesome teammates which I’ll remember forever.”

Anthony Bertollo: “My favorite moment was when I made a comeback in the sprint medley sophomore year in outdoor track from fourth to first and everybody in the relay got their first gold medal. My favorite thing about sports is how your teammates become like a second family and how you bond with students that you never would’ve met otherwise.”