Soccer During Quarantine


Alban Kokonozi, Staff Writer

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe being widespread, all sports have been banned.

Soccer was banned in March and was set to return the beginning of April and was then postponed for another month. Now most Leagues like Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga have all been set to start training in a few weeks and start playing games in empty stadiums by June. But that’s not the case for teams in Ligue 1 (France and Eredivisie (Netherlands).

They have said a few days ago that they will not be playing this season, but there are some reports that Paris Saint-Germain the League Leader of Ligue 1 have already crowned them Champions of the 19/20 season. Which is a questionable thing because what if a team is in first with just 1-3 point lead and gets crowned Champions?

This can spark a big debate and many arguments. This won’t start a problem to PSG because they have quite a cushion up top leading the league with 12 pt lead. In the Premier League there are 9 games left with a total of 27 points maximum to earn and Liverpool are in first with 25 point lead with Manchester City having a game to play, but if crowned champions. Liverpool will win their 19th title with having to win just 1 more game.