The NBA in Quarantine


Daniel Guillen, Staff Writer

Due to Covid-19 reaching some basketball players, the NBA season was restarted.


With the Walt Disney Resort shut down, they decided to offer the league a concept. The NBA then took up their offer to keep their teams isolated in the the WDR area. Even so, some players decided to stay home instead of keeping inside with their teams. The reason for this was time. If a player decided to stay inside the bubble, they would have had to stay there from July 7 to October 12.


According to, experts believe that the teams will be safe from the virus while they cannot have contact with outsiders. At the same time, no non-essential people cannot enter inside the NBA bubble, aka the isolation zone at WDW. This obviously includes fans because you could not be there unless you were invited. Now it was a fact that if you wanted to watch the games, you had to from platforms like Youtube and etc… 


Here was the fun part. Screens that showed live people at home watching the game were also implemented into the infrastructure. This meant that while a game was going on, you would probably be seen in the live video by cameras. People then began signing up to be a ‘virtual fan’, which was made to make it look like you were actually there. Now, the bubble has been going on for a few months already. They are already in the finals, so many are anticipating the end of the first NBA bubble season.