All-Star Cheer Introduces a HYBRID Virtual/In-Person Season


Vinny Morano, Senior Editor

While COVID-19 restrictions have caused many sports to be cancelled this season, Competitive All-Star Cheerleading is not one of them.

As a community, All-Star Cheerleading joined forces to make sure one way or another, cheerleaders got their season. However, this does not mean the season would be the same as it is every year.  We are in a pandemic, after all.

This is why All-Star Cheerleading created virtual competitions, where teams compete as they would normally, but they do this in the safety of their own gym over a live stream. While virtual competitions are very big this year, in-person competitions are still happening, but many, many precautions are taken to keep everyone safe.

Being an All-Star Cheerleader, myself, I can speak for all of the cheer community when I say that we are grateful and thankful to have our season, even if it does look a little different.