An Overview: HHS Fall Sports


Arijana Sulejmani, Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School has a lot of options for fall sports.

The fall sports include tennis, volleyball, soccer, and football. All of these sports are available for anyone who would like to tryout.

First up, is tennis.  The coach is a new addition to the HHS bears known as Coach Just.  The tennis team is going to start having tournaments and games very soon. Each team in HHS goes through practices to learn and develop more skills in the sport. The team has a variety of freshmans, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Next, is volleyball. The volleyball team has already started their games and they are doing pretty well against other teams in their games. This team consists of a competitive group of girls throughout all of the grades.

Moving on, we have boys and girls soccer. The coach for the boys soccer team is Mr.McMann. The HHS soccer team has a group of valuable team players. The coach for girls soccer is Mr. Schell. Both soccer teams are continuing to move onto a good season.

Continuing on we have what many student look forward to on Friday nights…HHS football. Many people show up to the games and while having home games there is usually a theme for the students to follow as they also sit in the student section.

During the games there is also a snack stand that provides drinks, food, or snacks. The coach for the football team is Mr.Passero.