Hawthorne High School Boys’ Soccer Team Topple Glen Rock


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Football or soccer ball isolated on transparent background. Vector illustration.

Alex Montoya, Staff Writer

On October 19 the Hawthorne Boys’ soccer team took on Glen Rock.

It was slow at first, but at the 20 minute mark,  Luka Lemonica scored the first goal of the match putting Hawthorne up by 1. Then after that, it was a dog fight for the rest of the game, with neither of the teams scoring till half time with Glen Rock scoring their first goal of the match.

Hawthorne was still struggling to score another goal while Glen Rock ended up scoring another one leaving Hawthorne in disappointment. Then the tables turned: Zak Mali scored the fourth goal bringing up Hawthorne’s spirits and getting them hyped.

At this point it was 2-2 with a very intense game, with both teams really determined to win. Then sadly Glen Rock ended up scoring the 5th goal of the match making the score 2-3.

So then things turned around and Zak Mali scored the banging 6th goal of the match keeping Hawthorne in this game putting the score at 3-3.

Hawthorne and Glen Rock were now in OT, and within the first two minutes, Kody Morizo dribbled down the field with his astonishing speed with two people on him, and then he crossed the ball to the one and only ZAK MALI banging it in to seal the game and giving Hawthorne the victory.

Zak Mali had an amazing game with a hat trick/ 3 goals sealing the deal and sending Glen Rock home. Luka Lemonica had one goal being the first one of the match.