HHS Boys’ Basketball: A Preview


Zak Maali, Staff Writer

The fall season has come to an end for sports, and winter sports are upon us.

The HHS Boys’ Basketball Team is looking to be one of the best teams in the county this year, and they have a lot of talent coming into the program. Senior Michael Palmer is looking to lead the boys this year as he is one of the few returning seniors. Palmer had 117 points last year while only playing 11 games which is an average of 10.6 ppg.

The Bears have a tough start to the season this year, they play Pompton Lakes away for their first game of the season on December 21. The Bears had a decent season last year, they were 7-4 and had some very close games against some good teams.

Last season was a very difficult time for most of the players due to the whole COVID-19 debacle which caused players to miss games and in some cases the season. Tryouts have just ended, and the week of November 29 will mark the beginning of the season for the team.


HHS Clarion: What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

Coach Ward:The most important expectation I have is that we work as hard as possible to be the best team we are capable of being, I thoroughly expect that we will compete in every single game to the best of our ability. 


HHS Clarion: What teams are in contention in your eyes, to win the league?

Coach Ward: That is hard to say- every year is different. I think there are several schools capable of winning the league title including us.


HHS Clarion: Is the team meshing well together?

Coach Ward:  We really have just begun the process, but I have seen a lot of potential with this group. They work hard and that is a great place to start.


The boys have a tough and exciting season coming up this year, so they need to be ready for the challenge. All of the other towns are thinking the same thing that HHS is thinking, “This year is our year!”