David Gjinoski, Staff Writer

The Brooklyn Nets had a  60.3% chance of winning the East in the beginning of the year, while the Boston Celtics only had a 9.2% chance of winning the East. 

The two seeded Boston Celtics had an Amazing second half of the season winning 29 games and only losing 3  coming out of the All-Star Break. Everything went right for the Celtics: they had avoided major injuries and as of April 26 they are +300 to win the NBA championship.

Meanwhile the Nets had injuries to Kevin Durant…Kyrie Irving had to play part time due to his vaccine status and James Harden had to carry the offense for a majority of the season. Nearing the trade deadline James Harden was upset with his situation and was traded to Philadelphia for Ben Simmons some picks and some key players in the form of Seth Curry and Andre Drummond.

Entering the playoffs as a 7 seed the Nets had to face the Celtics…and after Robert Williams III got injured the Nets were the favorites to win the series.

After a buzzer beater game 1 win from the Celtics there was still hope for the Nets. But after bad games from Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in game 2 the Nets had no hope. The Nets were built on Durant and Kyrie’s unstoppable scoring, but the Celtics are the best defensive team in the NBA and that was showcased all series.

Game 1 the Celtics forced 10 turnovers in the first quarter and 16 total turnovers for the game. The Nets had 61 total turnovers in 4 games. After the game 4 loss the GM of the Nets wrote a letter to the Brooklyn Nets Fans thanking them for their support throughout the season.