Girls Soccer: Ms. Abahazy

Arelyn Polanco, Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School offers a wide variety of athletic opportunities.

One in particular is the HHS Girls’ Soccer team. The Clarion decided to interview Ms. Julia Abahazy who is a volunteer coach for the team, as well as a Science teacher here at HHS. The Clarion just wanted to know what her thought process is while preparing her girls for battle.


The Clarion: Tell me some things about yourself?

Ms. Abahazy: I teach Physics at HHS. I love to paint, go for runs, and read books.


The Clarion:What do you love about soccer? 

Ms. Abahazy: I love soccer because of how quickly it moves. I love that the game changes every time the ball is touched and it is up to the players to readjust and regroup accordingly. Most sports have pre-decided plays and the ability for coaches to decide the team’s next move, but in soccer the players have control of the game.


The Clarion: How long have you been part of the girls’ soccer team ? 

Ms. Abahazy: This is my first year volunteering for the girls’ soccer team.


The Clarion: If you could think of one thing that working with the team has taught you, what would it be?

Ms. Abahazy: Working with the team has taught me how important it is to have a strong bond on a team. This year we struggled to obtain new players, but the players we have are extremely hard working and push each other to do great things. 


The Clarion: What are your core values as a coach?  

Ms. Abahazy:My core value when coaching is mutual respect. I want my players to respect me when I am working with them and I want them to feel respected by me.


The Clarion: What is something that your players should always remember?

Ms. Abahazy: My players should always remember to value one another and to bring each other up. The words that they speak to each other can be more powerful than the ones said by coaches. It is important that they use that power to help each other.  


The Clarion: What do you think your team is like?

Ms. Abahazy:I think my team is extremely talented and filled with perseverance. I am very proud to be a part of this team.