F.C Barcelona’s Downfall

Diego Navarro, Staff Writer

On October 26, 2022 Barcelona faced off against Bayern Munich, which Barcelona had a rough past with.  The past matches that they had also led to humiliating memes and other things from their past match, which they lost 8 -2. This was with one of the best players on Barcelona at the time, Lionel Messi. No one in the world expected them to lose so horribly.

This took place on August, 14, 2020, during the pandemic and affected the atmosphere of the soccer games when played. Fans would also start calling the past games “covid times.”

Since that time Barcelona has been heckled and or taunted by other team’s fan bases. Since then Barcelona made many changes to their team. The head coach at the time in 2020 has been sacked and the new manager Xavi Hernandez, who was a player for Barcelona in the past and is now an icon in the football world.

Barcelona fans were excited about the new changes including new players like Héctor Bellerín, Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, Andreas, Christensen, Franck Kessié, and Marcos Alonso. Every Barcelona fan was so excited for this season that they thought they would win the La Liga which is the league title in Spain and the champions league where the best teams in Europe clashed for the championship.

But since then their hopes have been crushed. Real Madrid, their rivals, would always win against them in the El Clasico and also the La Liga.

Barcelona has failed to qualify for the second time in the decade for the Champions League. Ever since Lionel Messi left the club by force, Barcelona has been doing badly in general. Their club is severely in debt. Which is incredible because they sold about 25% of their in-house production company to Orpheus Media and other TV rights. This was sold for $103 million dollars. Which covered for some of the debt that they had.

These are all of the problems that Barcelona has faced during the past few years: what a change for a club that used to win everything and be called the best team in the world.