Damar Hamlin’s Miraculous Recovery

Jillian Wesseldyke, Staff Writer

On Monday, January 3, the Buffalo Bills faced off against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.

This game was highly anticipated as both teams are predicted to go very far in the playoffs and maybe even make it to the Super Bowl. However, after just nine minutes, Bills safety Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the field. This has never happened in NFL history, and was definitely a sight to watch and witness. After almost ten minutes, Hamlin was resuscitated by the medical staff, a miracle on the field. He then went to the Cincinnati Medical Center where he healed way better than anyone would have ever expected him to. Just days after the incident, he was taken off a ventilator, talked to his teammates, and seemed as well as he could have been.

Additionally, the outpouring of support for both Hamlin and the Bills has been amazing. All teams from the NFL, other teams from different sports and individual athletes have all shared words of encouragement and good wishes. Even spectators from all over the world and country donated to Hamlin’s toy charity. As of now, 8.7 million dollars has been donated to his charity since the incident.

The NFL ended up officially canceling the game after the initial suspension seeing as it would be impossible to continue that game after what had just happened. Being so close to the playoffs, canceling the game did impact a lot of team’s results. However, you can’t really fault anybody, as it just wouldn’t have felt right to replay that game.

Now, almost two weeks after the incident, Damar is back in Buffalo at a local hospital, in high spirits, and recovering very well, which is nothing short of a miracle.