Tom Brady Comes Out Retirement…Again!


John Kenworthy, Staff Writer

Wow! This offseason just got a whole lot crazier as Tom Brady has decided once again to come out of retirement as he plans to sign a large deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

When asked why he wanted to sign with a team as bad as the Colts he replied, “I really don’t like being considered the GOAT. Goats are disgusting. I want to ruin my legacy so I can save myself the stress of dealing with reporters and fans.”

When asked what he was looking for in a contract he stated, “If a slightly below average QB like Daniel Jones can get $40 million a year from the Giants, I should get $80 million a year from the Colts.”

According to sources Brady wants to wear #18 on the Colts because he wants to be known as the best quarterback to wear #18 on the Colts.

When asked why he said, “Simple…I can’t stand Peyton Manning.”

Brady plans to finalize the deal later in the week. Sources say that Brady has said in negotiations that when he signs, he wants Giselle, his ex-wife, to see what she “missed out on.”

When asked Giselle what she thought of this she said one name, “Eli Manning.”