HHS Baseball: Ethan Alfonso


Ethan Alfonso

Samantha Sullivan, Staff Writer

Baseball season is here and The Clarion had the chance to interview Ethan Alfonso, a Hawthorne High School senior who has played baseball for the past three years. He had the opportunity to explain some of his dreams for the future and how his baseball career at HHS has impacted his life!


Clarion: What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

Ethan: My expectations for the season are to make states. We have the talent to achieve it and if we work hard and play well we can reach that goal hopefully!


Clarion: What are some challenges the team is going to face this year?

Ethan: Some challenges we may face this year are having to fill in the holes from the seniors last year. They were important to the team and the new players coming up will need to step up to help make us succeed.


Clarion: Do you plan on playing baseball in the future?

Ethan: My dream was to play baseball in college, but I’ve decided to focus more on my education in college because sadly, baseball doesn’t last forever.


Clarion: How do you feel that this is your last year playing high school baseball?

Ethan: Knowing it’s my last year of high school baseball makes me somewhat sad, but it also makes me want to do well this year to close out my high school baseball career.


Clarion: How long have you been playing baseball?

Ethan: I’ve been playing baseball since I was eleven and I thank my mom everyday for getting me to play.


Clarion: Why is baseball so important to you?

Ethan: Baseball is important to me because it can bring people together. I’ve met some of my closest friends playing club baseball. I’ve been able to do many wonderful things because of the opportunities baseball granted  me. Baseball to me is truly the best game there is.