New Exhibits in the Reading Lounge Café Student Art Gallery

Clarion Staff

The Library Media Center proudly presents the works of two HHS art classes now on display in the Student Art Gallery.

The first exhibit, entitled “Lyrical Images,” displays  15  typography projects from Joey Carradori’s Graphic Design class. These pieces respond to the assignment to use typography and shape to visually illustrate song lyrics such as those from “One Love,” “Stairway to Heaven,” and “Highway to Hell.” Featured artists are Breyanna Apolito, Thomas Bushnauskas, Nicole Crilly, Ricky Grofsick, Kristin Miyamoto, Brandon Rodriguez, John Castellvi, Chris DeVito, Samantha Gonzalez, George Innocenti, Carli Magna, Alexis Miele, Caroline Shuart, Adam Tanz, and Ryan Zawojski.

The second exhibit, entitled “Split Complimentary,” displays eight acrylic paintings illustrating the Color Theory Project assigned to Danielle Russo’s Art II students. The vivid colors of these pieces are carefully selected by each artist from opposing sides of the color wheel.  Only those opposing colors are used to create varied images that range from animation portraits to landscapes to abstract images. Featured artists are Thomas Bushnauskas, Hayley Cimillo, Daniella Del Prete, Emily Provencher, Jasmine Rivera, Shaquille Phillip Russell, Alex Guarnieri, and Antonio Vega. 

The exhibit is mounted within four-foot high dark-wood frames that were donated to the Library Media Center by the Class of 2012. The Student Art Gallery hosts  rotating exhibits of student art work throughout the year and is open each day from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.