Marissa Wentworth: A New Chemistry Teacher


Tyler Miller, Staff Writer

Hawthorne High School welcomes Marissa Wentworth, a new chemistry teacher in the 2012-2013 school year.

Wentworth, who currently teaches Chemistry and Foundations of Chemistry at HHS, previously worked at Monmouth Regional High School for two and a half years. She holds a Teacher of Chemistry certificate, and, after three years of teaching, still really enjoys her job.

When asked if she always wanted to be a teacher she said, “Yes, since I was a kid. I use to come home and give my younger brothers worksheets to do, and I would grade them.”

Wentworth said she didn’t always want to be a science teacher. She thought about being a math teacher, but, in the end, she found science more interesting.

Wentworth said that “my hobbies include dancing and baking.”

When asked how she likes Hawthorne she said, “I have been pleased with my decision to come to Hawthorne.  Everyone is inviting, friendly, and will help you with anything you may need.”

Wentworth also said that “the amount of school spirit has impressed me.  I like how the entire school supports each other–whether it is with a fundraiser, sport events, or tournaments.”