October in the HHS Library Media Center

Spooky reading at the HHS Library Media center

Spooky reading at the HHS Library Media center

Alennys Nieves, Contributor

The Library Media Center offered lots of activities this month.

Makerspace: This month the library had the grand opening of the HHS Library Media Center Makerspace. This is a center for creativity that gives students access to a 3D printer, computer coding, electronic circuit board, Lego Mindstorm robots, sewing machines, Raspberry Pi microcomputer, and more. The Makerspace is open at 7:00 a.m and closes 3:45 p.m. each day.

Contests: This month in the library there are TWO contests:

  • Students can enter a raffle to win a bag of Halloween candy by signing out a “scary” book or writing out the first line of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven.”
  • The library is also supporting the Creative Writing Club’s Scary Story Contest. Students can win $100 for writing the best scary/ spooky/ mysterious short story The deadline is October 30. The contest judges will be three professional novelists who will announce the winner on November 21.


Science Month: This month, Mrs. DiGeronimo is meeting with the science teachers to talk about all the science materials that the library has. There are also books displayed in the library about science tricks, magic, and fun.


Week of Respect: From October 5 to October 9, HHS participated on the Week of Respect. The library displayed books about bullying, LGBQ, prejudice, and such. The display encouraged students to THINK before they speak or post. Is what I am going to say/post:

T: true? H: honest? I: inspiring? N: necessary? K: kind?


Anti-violence Week: From October 13 to October 16, the library joined the rest of HHS in focusing on anti-violence discussions. The library book display offered books about dating violence, domestic violence, gun violence, and more. Students are encouraged to come and post a note on the display board to answer this question: to “Close your eyes and think of world peace. What do you see?”


National Day on Writing: Tuesday Oct. 20. The library celebrated the National Day on Writing sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English, the National Writing Project, the New York Times Learning Network, and Teaching Channel. The library participated by displaying books on writing and inviting students to create a huge collaborative poem on a giant piece of poster paper. The final poem called “Poetry is…” will be published and hung in the library.