Biedrzycki to Play Lacrosse in College


Laith Matari, Contributor

Come late August, senior Cole Biedrzycki will be packing his things and heading to Fairleigh Dickinson University Madison Campus, to take on the college world as well as the college sports world. Biedrzycki has earned an academic scholarship to the school and has been recruited by the school’s lacrosse coach, Pat Scarpello, to play for the Devils.

Biedrzycki’s lacrosse career started when he was in seventh grade and from there it took off as Biedrzycki made a name for himself as a fantastic close defender and long stick midfielder. He started to get college scouts reaching out to him as early as sophomore year when he was distinguished as one of the best players in the area. Coming from such a young lacrosse program Biedrzycki held prior experience that allowed him to excel. Biedrzycki plays for the New Jersey Thunder in the fall and summer, a place where he hones his skills throughout the year.

Lacrosse fits Biedrzycki most out of any sport because he says, “I like it because it’s such a fast-paced sport; there’s settled offenses and defenses but most of the time it’s just constant attacking, constant defending, and a high-scoring game and overall fast pace. That’s what I enjoy most about it.”

Biedrzycki’s high school lacrosse career is quickly approaching its end. Biedrzycki says, “I’m feeling more confident knowing that this won’t be my last time playing lacrosse. It will definitely be something different to me knowing that it’s my last season playing any high school sport, but mostly I have a sense of relaxation that this won’t be my last time playing this sport.” He thanks all his coaches for their help along the way to make what he has achieved possible. Biedrzycki, will be one of the two captains this season. He plans for good things to come in his final season and is ready to take on the leadership role.