Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Jacobsen

Courtesy Hawthorne High School

Michael Jacobsen, Staff Writer

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Editors Note: The Clarion is excited to introduce a new column called “Alumni Spotlight” showcasing graduates from Hawthorne High School. Next up, HHS alumni Kyle Jacobsen from the class of 2008. Kyle Jacobsen, was a friendly and conscientious student who was persistent throughout his classes.


Clarion Interviewer: What is your life like after high school?

Jacobsen: I am very thankful for the life I have after Hawthorne High.  In eight years since graduating I have accomplished many life goals including getting married to my middle school sweetheart Tori, having our first child Ellie, adopting our dog Penny, completing my Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Accounting, and buying a house.


Clarion Interviewer: How was your high school experience?

Jacobsen: My high school experience was great and you don’t realize how awesome it is to be in high school until later on in life.  Enjoy every second of it.


Clarion Interviewer: What was your favorite high school memory?

Jacobsen: My favorite high school memories revolve around bowling, other sports, and the school spirit involved with them.  Nothing gave me more joy in high school than competing during the Winter sports season for bowling.


Clarion Interviewer: What college did you go to if you went to college?

Jacobsen: I went to Sacred Heart University for my Bachelor’s Degree and Kennesaw State University for my Master’s Degree.


Clarion Interviewer: What sport or sports did you play while in high school?

Jacobsen: The only sport I played in high school was bowling.


Clarion Interviewer: Who was your favorite teacher?

Jacobsen: I wouldn’t say that I had a favorite teacher.  I learned a lot from many of them and am thankful for each person who took time to educate me.


Clarion Interviewer: What career did you choose after high school?

Jacobsen: After high school and college, the career path I took was in the field of accounting.  I was a Staff Accountant then was promoted to Accounting Manager for a Fortune 500 company.


Clarion Interviewer: Have any of the teachers you had impacted your life in anyway?

Jacobsen: All of the teachers in my life have impacted me in a positive way and you should really cherish the people teaching you because they can make you as successful as you are wanting to be.


Clarion Interviewer: What extracurricular activities were you involved in?

Jacobsen: The only extracurricular activities I can really think of that I was involved in were bowling, National Honor Society, and Italian Honor Society.  I wish I took the time to get more involved.


Clarion Interviewer: If you had to do high school all over again, what would you do differently?

Jacobsen: If I could do high school over I would get as involved in everything as I possibly could.  I would have played a Fall, Winter, and Spring sports instead of just Winter.  I also would have focused more on getting straight A’s each quarter.

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