5 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts



A DIY Christmas

Mia Lewis and Melanie Liriano

Are you in desperate need of trying to figure out what to get that one stubborn person for Christmas? With Christmas right around the corner, there are always those people trying to scramble to the hectic malls to find last minute gifts. The easy way out is going to the store and picking up a Visa gift card, and then sticking it in a cheap Christmas card that you picked up on the way to their house, but where is the fun in that? By making the gifts yourself you can stretch your DIY (Do It Yourself) muscles and show that you put actual thought and effort into your gift. There are tons of presents that you can make in the comfort of your own home in the matter of minutes. Here are some of the top 5 DIY Christmas gifts that are not only easy to make, but will surely put a smile on that person’s face.


Sweet and Delicious

One of the easiest gifts to make is simply candy in a bottle. You can get any type of empty jar or bottle that you can find lying around the house. Mason jars or empty coke bottles are the most common that people tend to use, but anything can work. Next, you  have to pick out the candy that you think is the most appealing to the person that you are giving the gift too. You can go almost anywhere to find candy including grocery stores, Walmart, and even local dollar stores that usually have the most affordable candy. Then once you have your jar and candy, you just pour all the sweets into the jar until it reaches the very top. To make it even more festive for the holidays, you can tie a ribbon or get a bow to dress it up more. Once you have done that, you are done and left with a great looking and delicious gift.


The Perfect Bookmarks

For all of the book lovers on your list, making them a cute bookmark or two can make their Christmas that much more spectacular. If they are a bookworm and always have their noses stuck in a book, then they will most likely need more than one bookmark because they have misplaced countless others. A simple DIY: all you need is a piece of ribbon, a cute trinket or charm, and affix clamps. Plus some jewelry pliers if you want to make it easy on yourself.


Tea Tree

Great for that tea lover on your list, a tea tree doesn’t require years and years of craft knowledge. First you need a styrofoam cone where you can hot glue the tea bags onto. Make sure that they are individually packaged. After gluing all the tea bags down, attach a “stump” at the bottom and a star at the top. Pair the tree with an adorable mug and this is a perfect gift in the making.


52 Reasons I Love You

Maybe one of the longest projects on this list, but it is still worth trying. Simply grab a deck of playing cards, binder rings, a hole punch, and some colorful pens. On each card write, draw, or print of picture of something you love about that person. Whether is may be that significant other or a close relative, this sweet DIY is sure to pull on their heartstrings.


Mint Sugar Scrub

This DIY only requires three ingredients including coconut oil, plain white sugar, and some mint extract. All you have to do is mix these ingredients together and put them in a cute jar or tin. Now this DIY can also be modified. If the person you are gifting it to doesn’t like mint it can be switched out for their favorite essential oil. Lavender, orange, and vanilla are great substitutions for the mint extract. Don’t forget to add a cute ribbon around the jar to make it a little merrier.


There you have it. These are some of the top 5 DIY gifts this Christmas season, that you can make all on your on. Not only will it save you some money, but the person will surely appreciate the time and effort that you took in making their present. So now that you have some ideas, don’t procrastinate any longer and start heating up that glue gun.