An Opinion: What Makes a Birthday Special?

Liam Duffy, Staff Writer


Birthdays have been around since humans began to have sentimental ideas on the journey through life.

When you get older you become more mature and aware of the world you live in. Even though the world does not change that much, you change and develop new ideas of what you think of life. Some of those ideas may be important, while some can make you depressed. It is important to not get carried away in these thoughts when you get older so the people who love you decide to hold an annual day to celebrate your day of birth to make you happy.

They do this to make you realize that not everything in the world is bad and not to get carried away with all the strange ideas you will start to develop. That is why we celebrate birthdays on the day you are born every year. It is a healthy way to help you grow up in the world, while still holding on to the importance of love and family.

You get to do whatever you want to or do the things you have always dreamed of doing. You can have a party on a cruise or go to a place you have always wanted to go to. It depends on how much your family makes financially, but it also depends on what your heart feels. Birthdays help you become more mature and they do this secretly as you grow.

In the beginning, birthdays are about what you want; but as you grow older, you start to see the real meaning of birthdays. They are meant to celebrate all of the loved ones you have in life and to treasure them for all time. I guess you can say that every day is a birthday if you think about it.