Mr. Hawthorne: Brian Reilly


Photo taken by Kaitlyn Melendez

Dakota Brantner, Editor in Chief

Hawthorne High School’s Mr. Hawthorne talent show is on March 2 at 7:30 PM in the HHS auditorium. The Clarion sat down with each of the contestants to get a chance to see what they think of the show and their chances to take the Mr. Hawthorne crown. They have been working day and night practicing their killer routines and are prepared to dazzle the crowds with their charm. We sat down with Brian to see where he stands in this competition.


Clarion Reporter: What are some things that you are a part of at HHS?

Brian Reilly: Can I just list what I am not a part of instead?


Clarion Reporter: Why did you decide to do Mr. Hawthorne?

Brian Reilly: I decided to do it because who would not want to embarrass themselves in front of hundreds of family members, friends, teachers, administrators, and community members.


Clarion Reporter: Do you think you will win?

Brian Reilly: I never do anything just for fun…I am always in it to win it. The shiny crown the winner gets is a pretty cool prize too I guess.


Clarion Reporter: What do you think of your competition? Who do you think is your biggest competitor?

Brian Reilly: The competition this year makes me very nervous. Have you ever seen how tall Aidan Harmer is? It scares me just to look up at him.


Clarion Reporter: Tell us something about yourself that you want the audience at Mr. Hawthorne and the Hawthorne community to know.

Brian Reilly: If you are expecting a talent show you have come to the wrong place.


Good luck Brian!