Mr. Hawthorne: Carter Mascis


Photo taken by Kaitlyn Melendez

Dakota Brantner, Editor

Hawthorne High School’s Mr. Hawthorne talent show is on March 2 at 7:30 PM in the HHS auditorium. The Clarion sat down with each of the contestants to get a chance to see what they think of the show and their chances to take the Mr. Hawthorne crown. They have been working day and night practicing their killer routines and are prepared to dazzle the crowds with their charm. We sat down with Carter Mascis, a second year competitor, and found out how he plans on taking the crown.


Clarion Reporter: What are some things that you are a part of at HHS?

Carter Mascis: I am on the student council board, the football team, the lacrosse team and the Rocco Hate Club founded by Tom Gallo.


Clarion Reporter: Why did you decide to do Mr. Hawthorne?

Carter Mascis: I decided to do Mr. Hawthorne because I was tired of watching season 2 episode 7 of Grey’s Anatomy every single day.


Clarion Reporter: Do you think you will win?

Carter Mascis: Well a win for me is beating Nick Manzi.


Clarion Reporter: What do you think of your competition? Who do you think is your biggest competitor?

Carter Mascis: My biggest competitor is Aidan Spencer Harmer. He’s my biggest competitor because of the way he can move his limbs, he looks identical to a car wash inflatable balloon man thing.


Clarion Reporter: Tell us something about yourself that you want the audience at Mr. Hawthorne and the Hawthorne community to know.

Carter Mascis: I want the audience to know about me…..

1. I love chick flicks.

2. I have a celebrity crush on the Big Time Rush band.

3. Mr. Hawthorne is my life, I practice at least 67 hours a week.

4. I love eating the shells to eggs.


Good luck Carter!