Mr. Hawthorne: Patrick Moorehouse


Dakota Brantner, Editor in Chief

Hawthorne High School’s Mr. Hawthorne talent show is on March 2 at 7:30 PM in the HHS auditorium. The Clarion sat down with each of the contestants to get a chance to see what they think of the show and their chances to take the Mr. Hawthorne crown. They have been working day and night practicing their killer routines and are prepared to dazzle the crowds with their charm. Patrick Moorehouse, second year competitor, answered some questions on the quest to win the crown.


Clarion Reporter: What are some things that you are a part of at HHS?

Patrick Moorehouse: One thing I do at HHS is being a part of the Winter and Spring Track team as a varsity sprinter.


Clarion Reporter: Why did you decide to do Mr. Hawthorne?

Patrick Moorehouse: I decided to join Mr. Hawthorne because it is an extremely fun program to be a part of. Us guys do ridiculous acts and dances, in hopes of making some people laugh and having a good time. I had such a great experience last year I decided to go for it again.


Clarion Reporter: Do you think you will win?

Patrick Moorehouse: Of course I have a bias towards myself (and my act) and I think it is great, but everyone up there has also put a lot of time and effort to try to win as well. So that night whoever gives it their all will probably win.


Clarion Reporter: What do you think of your competition? Who do you think is your biggest competitor?

Patrick Moorehouse: I think the competition is great this year! We are bringing a lot of great acts to this show and I can’t wait for the audience to see them. It is difficult to say who is my biggest competitor…everyone shines in their own way. Some of us perform better in the opening dance, and others in their individual acts.  It’s hard to tell just yet who is my biggest competitor.


Clarion Reporter: Tell us something about yourself that you want the audience at Mr. Hawthorne and the Hawthorne Community to know.

Patrick Moorehouse: I hope the audience loves the show this year. We have put a lot of effort into constructing it. I think the opening dance will be great to watch!


Good luck Patrick!