Senior Drum Major: Brian Reilly


Brian Reilly

Sarah Wisniewski, Editor

Leadership is an essential part of every team and the marching band is no different. Brian Reilly has the honor of being the senior Drum Major for this year’s marching band.

The process began in early April and the final decision was not made until mid-June. As the position of drum major is taken very seriously, the few months prior to naming the leader were dedicated to weekly practices that covered skills from actually conducting the band, to marching in rhythm, to also learning crucial leadership skills. Simultaneously, the students trying out wrote an essay about their desire to be drum major and how, if they were chosen, they would benefit the entire band. Once the lessons and essays were complete, an interview was conducted for all applicants, followed by an audition that required conducting the Star Spangled Banner and teaching basic marching skills.

For Reilly, this extensive process was the most difficult part of his journey to becoming drum major. He explains that the length of the process caused him stress due to the amount of opportunities there were to make mistakes, especially when there were “many quality candidates” also trying out for the position. Evidently, Reilly did not make costly mistakes and was presented with his new title as Senior Drum Major alongside his fellow junior drum major, Caitlin Carone.

Reilly exclaimed,”It is just great that we are drum majors together since being such close friends allows us to work well together and it seems like it is rubbing off on the band this year. I have never seen them more dedicated or closer as a band in my five years in the band.”

As Reilly took on the position, he was exposed to the countless duties of the drum major. In addition to the primary job of the drum major to conduct the band on the field (which helps establish a steady tempo) Reilly and Carone also assist the band director before games or during practices by leading musical warm ups, rehearsals, stretching, and marching basics.

Perhaps their most essential role, the drum majors are the first line of communication when an issue arises within the band. Reilly explains, “My main goal as drum major is to create a friendly environment where everyone feels safe and is having a good time.” Reilly advises future drum majors to become familiar and comfortable with all members of the band to ensure the most success for the band.

In the end, The Clarion wish both Brian and Caitlin a successful and fun filled season! Good luck to the HHS Marching Band in their future competitions!