Senior Spotlight: Emma Mathews


Sarah Kozrosh and Marjes Castillo

As the Hawthorne girls’ volleyball season comes to an end, The Clarion would like to reflect on the accomplishments and talents of team captain, Emma Mathews.


CLARION: What awards did you win?
Emma Mathews: The awards that I have won are Second Team All-County, as well as achieving 1,000 assists throughout my high school volleyball career.

CLARION: What was your initial reaction when you won?
Emma Mathews: When I won Second Team All-County, I was taken by surprise, because I was a sophomore and it was my first year on varsity. I wasn’t expecting to win any awards that year. When I reached my goal of earning 1,000 assists in my high school volleyball career, it was a rush of many emotions at once! It was one of the best feelings I have experienced so far!

CLARION: Who is your biggest supporter?
Emma Mathews: It’s kind of hard to say just one person is my biggest supporter because my entire family is constantly cheering me on. My parents and sister probably have missed less than three games in my entire high school volleyball career. You can always find them in the stands cheering the team on as loud as they can.

CLARION: Do you plan to continue volleyball through college?
Emma Mathews: I do plan to continue to play volleyball in college. I have been talking to a few schools about playing for their team. If I don’t end up playing for those schools, I will definitely participate in either intramural or on a club team.

CLARION: What advice would you give underclassmen that look up to you?
Emma Mathews: I would tell them not to worry about their mistakes. Volleyball is a game of mistakes, so you should shake off any bad plays and continue to focus on improving your skill.

CLARION: How would you describe Coach Mazzacca as a coach?
Emma Mathews: I would describe Coach Mazzacca as very dedicated. She is dedicated to her players and constantly helps us to not only improve our volleyball skills, but to also grow as people and students.

CLARION: How did it feel being captain this season, and how did that reflect your performance on and off the field?
Emma Mathews: It was an amazing experience for me to be captain this year. I feel like being captain this season made me a lot more confident on the court.


The Clarion would like to congratulate Emma Mathews on a great season, and we wish her luck on her future endeavors!