What Do the Clarion Writers of Period 6 Do During the Holidays?

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What Do the Clarion Writers of Period 6 Do During the Holidays?

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Vinny Morano, Abigail Kedl, and Aliysha Malone

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Around the holidays, the writers of The Clarion are responsible for presenting you with happy and festive holiday-themed articles and stories. While we love what we do, we decided to do something a little different, in an effort to help you get to know The Clarion writers of Period 6 and what they do around the holidays.


Here are the responses from our fellow writers-


Aliysha Malone: “During the holiday season I decorate my Christmas tree with my parents and siblings while we listen to Christmas music. My grandmother and I make hundreds of Christmas cookies together including sugar, chocolate chip, and peanut butter flavors.”

Vinny Morano: “In the Morano house during the holidays, you will most likely find Christmas music on repeat, a heavily decorated house, and lots of joy throughout my family. My family and I love the holidays so we really go all out.”

Abby Kedl: “I typically bake around 7 different types of Christmas cookies with my mom while blasting Christmas music throughout the house. I also enjoy playing many different Christmas songs on the piano while my family sings along.”

Aya Outhman: “I do not celebrate Christmas but I love the joy throughout the season and spending time with my family.”

Justin Irvolino: “During the holidays, I decorate my Christmas tree with my family.”

Sean Gordon: “I help my family decorate our house and Christmas tree.”

Brendan Knepper: “My family and I always get our tree and decorate it together. We open presents on Christmas day and go to my grandma’s house. At my grandma’s house I open more presents with my cousins.”

Michael Castellanos: “I typically hangout with my mom and sometimes go on day trips.”

Jenna Ventrice: “My family usually comes over and we watch A Christmas Story and eat lasagna.”

Andrew Gomez: “During the holidays, I spend lots of time with my family. We like to eat, laugh, and sing songs together.”

Marissa Macpherson: “Around the holidays, my whole family comes together and we open presents and eat food.”

Abby Reicher: “Around the holidays, I watch Christmas movies with my family.”

Sydney Reicher: “I like to listen to Christmas music and bake with my family and friends.”

Max Molenaro: “Every year on Christmas I go to my grandma’s house.”

Xavier Rojas: “My family hosts many parties around the holiday.”

Brendan Quinn: “Every year around the holidays I do nothing. I stay home.”

Alysa Krieger: “Every year a week before Christmas my aunt, mom, and I make cookies and watch Christmas movies”

Mahin Rahmin: “I spend time with my family.”

Angelina Antonucci: “My family goes to my grandma’s house and we watch football together.”

Crystal Rosario: “I go to my family’s house and chill.”

Lubanah Alayoubi: “I go on a trip to Canada during break.”

Melanie Liriano: “On Christmas Eve we go to my uncle’s house to have a dinner together. On Christmas Day my mom, brother, and I open our presents and spend the day watching movies and eating leftovers from the night before.”

Rose Walsh: “On Christmas Eve, I go to church and spend time with my dad’s side of the family and on Christmas, I spend time with my mom’s side of the family. We wear pajamas all day.”

Sarah Wisniewski: “Around Christmas time, my family and I go together and cut down a Christmas tree.”


On behalf of The Clarion writers of Period 6, we wish you the happiest of holidays and an amazing new year!





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